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Date added: 04 June 2018

First Glimpse Of The Baby! 

Our pregnant Swindon Mum About Town tries out a 3D scan at Utrasound Direct
Swindo Mum About Town
Seeing your new baby for the first time at a scan appointment is always a magical and special moment but when you see her or him via 3D or 4D scanning equipment - the experience is really hard to put into words because it is out of this world.
Myself, my husband and my 7 year old daughter recently went along to an appointment in the Swindon office of Ultrasound Direct to see our new addition of the Jobanputra clan because we had heard that these type of scans provide extremely close up images of your baby.
We had waited until I was 16 weeks gone in my pregnancy so that we could have the 'gender reveal' scan and then eagerly went along to the Dorcan based office to confirm if an earlier private test was correct in its prediction.
The staff were extremely friendly as soon as we got there and made us feel at ease in the waiting room by providing biscuits and hot/cold drinks for us all; you could literally feel the excitement in the air from all the other people who were turning up for their sessions.
When it came to our appointment, we were led upstairs to a very clean and comfortable scanning room and we all felt excited about seeing our second bundle of joy (due October).
To see our little one curled up on the screen and responding to me moving about was a truly overwhelming experience and it was even funnier to see that the baby would not show its face despite us all being in the appointment for about 20 minutes and trying our best to get a glimpse! (Baby Jobanputra is already showing its personality - be it shy or stubborn? I am not sure!)
I won't reveal the gender here purely because we are keeping it secret from everyone (parents included!) but needless to say that we would have been over the moon either way.
Baby scan Swindon
To just see the baby looking and acting healthy was absolutely glorious and you can't put a price on that.
Talking of money, the price to get a 3D or 4D scan with Ultrasound Direct is very reasonable and they are fantastically friendly if you just want to give them a call and make some enquiries:
I would recommend this type of private scanning to any new parents Ė just donít be offended by the fact that your baby will look quite like an alien at these early stages!
Ultrasound Direct - more info.
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