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Date added: 26 July 2021

Pandemic Puppy Training! 

Janet has seen nearly every breed at her school since lockdown began - but it's NOT all labrad-oodles of fun for some!
"We've had Welsh terriers, old English sheep dogs, Scottish West Highlands and lots of French bulldogs," Janet Garrett, owner of Janet's Puppy Skool in Swindon, told us.

"But no Irish wolfhounds - yet!"

The popularity of dog ownership has shot up since the first lockdown last year and it doesn't seem to be stopping.
Janet Puppy Skool Swindon

And, although that means it's incredibly busy times conducting puppy training classes at her school in Haydon Wick (see pics below), Janet is worried that being a poochy parent isn't for everyone.

"It's still a big responsibility, no matter what dog you take on," the award-winning canine expert told us.

"And with us all spending more time at home in the last 15 months, it seems like an easy thing to do.

"But now everything is slowly getting 'back to normal', we're finding the novelty has more than worn off for a lot of owners - especially those now returning to work all-day.

"And that can be very confusing for a young dog or puppy used to their owner being around all the time and then suddenly not."
Classes at Janet's Puppy Skool

Puppy at Janet's Puppy Skool

Janet's Puppy Skool

Certainly more home working will make a difference according to Janet, who has trained thousands of dogs in the last 15 years, but overall she hopes the pandemic puppy peak has reached its limit.

"We have such incredible fun at these classes, where we really help each owner and their dog to bond properly and understand each other, so I'd hate to think there's dogs out there who are being given back or re-homed when it's really not their fault."
Puppy Pool Party at Janet's Puppy Skool
Puppy Pool Party:
dog's enjoying a paw-cooling bath at Janet's Puppy Skool

"The message “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas - or a lockdown” has never rung more true."

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