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Date added: 11 December 2008

Let me entertain you! 

Story Update: 12 December 2008 09.32am
Robbie's heading for Compton Bassett
More has been revealed as to the possible whereabouts of Robbie Williams' new Wiltshire bolt hole - and its 16 miles from Swindon.
And what a big place he's getting for his money, reported to be in the 7 million pound region.
Compton Bassett house
Let me entertain you:
Compton Bassett house, where Robbie Williams could be moving
to any time soon
According to the Savills' website, Compton Bassett house boasts seven bedroom suites, two staff flats,  a sauna complex, swimming pool, gym and pretty much everything a rich, bachelor pop star would want from a country retreat.
It even has a helicopter pad and hanger, no doubt useful for transporting Robbie and his mates - which now of course includes his former Take That band mates - down from London for the weekend.
With it's close proximity to Swindon, who knows we may even see Mr Williams out and about in town sometime soon  - or perhaps play a gig as the Oasis.
But then again perhaps an Oasis visit isn't such a good idea. Noel Gallagher, who famously named his band after our domed leisure centre, described Robbie's music as 'dog sh*t' last year.
Popstar buys 7 million pound mansion nearby
11 December 2008
Robbie Williams
Still a secret:
Is Robbie Williams Swindon-bound?
It's been reported today that Robbie Williams could be moving to Swindon - and getting back together with Take That.
And we're not sure which is the bigger news!
Pictures have appeared across the media of a large country pile in Wiltshire that Williams has apparently purchased for 7 million.
Its exact whereabouts is unknown, but we think it's bound to be near best-friend Jonathon Wilkes's house in Wootton Bassett - and handy for the odd late-night poker game.
Robbie having been seen in Swindon last month enjoying a game of five card stud with Wilkes at the Premier Club in Stratton. An evening he apparently "thoroughly enjoyed".
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