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Date added: 08 October 2008

Top three tips for the Swindon Half-Marathon 

All the questions you need answering 
We’ve got the essential items, we’ve done the training – and now it’s all about the big day!

And to help us all out - we’ve interviewed the experts to find out their top 3 tips for the day itself…
All the race advice
Steve Connelly 
Race Director for the Nationwide Swindon Half-Marathon
Steve Connelly organiser Swindon Half-Marathon
Steve Connelly:
Race Director for the Nationwide
Swindon Half-Marathon.
Tip 1: Hydration

"Take on plenty of water beforehand -and thoughout the race - sip it though rather than gulp it down."
"Also, think about what you do with your bottle afterwards. Use one of the bottle points that we've introduced this year."
Tip 2: Hills
"Take your time for the first hill, and for all the hills - don't rush them, enjoy them!"
Tip 3: Energy Drinks
"Think carefully before drinking the energy drinks on offer - if you haven't used them in your trianing I wouldn't recommend using them as they may upset your system." 
Jason Scott
Personal trainer JLS Profit
Jason Scott
Jason Scott:
JLS Profit
Tip 1: Pace
"It's quite easy to get over whelmed with the speed that everyone else is running at -so stick to what you know and run at the pace you know - don't tire yourself out to quickly."
Tip 2: Breathing
"Get as much oxygen into your muscles as possible - so make sure you get a good rhythum of breathing."
Tip 3: Positive attitude
"It's going to be tough on the day - but grit your teeth, smile and just enjoy yourself."
Liam Dixon
Owner of Run Swindon
Liam Dixion Run Swindon
Liam Dixon:
Owner of Run Swindon
Tip 1: What to eat beforehand?
"Stay with the normal breakfast you're used to eating - don't change things because it can aggrivate your digestive system."
Tip 2: Run your own race
"Whether it's your first race or you won it last year - everyone will have their own plan for the race, whether it be a certain minute mile pace, or just getting round - stick to your own plan."
Tip 3: Drinking
"If you can carry a small hand-held I would - but there are drink stations around the course. So do look out for these."  
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