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Date added: 28 February 2008

Hot Seat - Leigh Adams 

We put the Speedway superstar to the test
Who's in the SwindonWeb hotseat?
Who's in the hotseat? That is the question!

The new regular feature from SwindonWeb, where we put some of Swindon's top personalities on the spot.

Sport stars, singers, councillors and coppers they'll all be put in our infamous flaming chair (bought from Argos for 4.99 and decorated in true Blue Peter style by our very own Team Newsdesk), for a grilling that even Jeremy Paxman would be proud of.

This week: LEIGH ADAMS

Leigh Adams Swindon Speedway rider goes in the SwindonWeb hotseat
Grill time:
Leigh Adams
The King of Swindon Speedway has returned to the Robins' line-up, in what is promised to be a very exciting year for the sport in Swindon.
But does he like Billie Piper or Melinda Messenger?

And what would his dream job be if he wasn't a speedway rider?

Watch our video for the answers to these questions - and more!
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