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Date added: 05 December 2007

Party time with Jamie Cullum 

It's champagne all the way for Swindon's jazz star
Jamie Cullum Swindon
Just a few glasses of Moet:
Swindon jazz star,
Jamie Cullum
A recent book published on the diva lifestyles of musical legends such as Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey and Madonna, features none other than Swindon boy, Jamie Cullum and you won't believe what he demands on tour...

Jazz and rock have never really mixed, but in the brilliant new book, 'The Little Red Riders Book', everyone from Jamie Cullum to The Rolling Stones are featured, giving a never-seen-before insight in to the outrageous backstage demands of stars.

Aptly named the 'riders' as they are known in the industry, some of the stars' extraordinary requests include a bald hooker with no teeth for Marilyn Manson, and a life-size cut-out of David Hasselhoff for...well, himself.

And it seems that local lad Cullum is just as susceptible to the odd demand or two, with the world's finest champagne topping the list. 
Jamie's backstage list includes:
20 bottles of Moet & Chandon
20 bottles of good-quality lager/beer
12 small bottles of still mineral water
4 cans of Guinness
A bottle of good-quality red wine
A bottle of good-quality white wine
A half-bottle of Myers rum
Marks & Spencer sandwiches
Ice (must have no straight edges)
A full-length mirror (must have lights around it)
A deck chair
The Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones Swindon
Snooker and HP sauce?:
The Rolling Stones'
strange requests
Whilst The Rolling Stones may have only played in Swindon once, their demands stretch to items such as:
HP sauce
Shepherd's pie
Snooker table
TV (capable for showing cricket matches)
Toilet (on wheels)

...very Rock and Roll!

If you can't wait to get your teeth in to this fantastic book, bag your copy for 4.99 from most good Swindon bookshops.
Mel Turner-Wright
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