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Date added: 30 July 2009

Don't be the last to get caught 

Friday is the last day for Swindon's fixed speed cameras
Swindon Speed Camera
Flash no more:
but Swindon Police will still use
mobile units to enforce speed limits
After months of debate, national press headlines and even a BBC Top Gear award, Friday 31 July is the last day for Swindon's five fixed speed cameras.
Swindon Borough Council became the first local authority in the country to challenge their effectiveness in improving road safety last year, and made the decision to end their funding for speed cameras at a fiercely debated meeting in October 2008.
Mobile units deployed by Swindon Police will still be used to enforce speed restrictions, however.
Swindon's current five fixed cameras - two located on the Oxford Road, two on the A420 and one in Queen's Drive - will be first covered over, then finally removed.
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