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No need to ask permission? 

Improving your Swindon home may have just got easier

Swindon home extension
Home improvement:
many Swindon homeowners are
preferring to improve their current
property rather than seek a move
Still feeling the pinch of the current financial situation? Would love to move but with house prices falling and moving costs rising, is this out of your reach?

Do you really want the hassle of moving? Why move when you can improve what you already have? And, word on the street is that the Government have made it a whole lot easier for you to extend your home. Yes, it is true…

As of 01 October 2008 new home extension rules will come into effect. These rules have been designed to make it easier and less time consuming to build an extension on the back or side of your home.

Previous obscure regulations which govern “permitted development”, in other words the work you can do without the need for planning permission, have been rewritten.
These changes apply to houses only, not flats.
Want an Extra Bedroom?

Think about how much added space and value an extra bedroom or living space could make to your home? Have you always wanted a luxurious bedroom with en suite to escape from your kids? A room for your guests to stay in, or living space for your nanny?

You’ve probably considered it and started the ball rolling; planned the layout, got quotes from a few builders, then contacted the local council to apply for planning permission, waited, and waited, and waited… then gave up?

The great news is that now you can start that ball rolling again.
There’s no need to ask permission if you want to build a single storey extension of up to 4 metres deep on a detached house and a 3 metre two storey extension on any type of property.
This is definitely enough to add a good sized room per floor.
Looking to convert your loft?
You can extend the roof space of a terraced house by up to 40 cubic metres, and other property types by up to 50 cubic metres. There’s your luxury master bedroom and en suite!

The best change by far to this new legislation is that you now don’t need to waste time and energy dealing with the planning system. This means more time for you to shop around in Swindon for fabulous design ideas, colour schemes and special finishing touches.

Remember, before you rush off and start your renovations, check your plans carefully and make sure they meet with the new guidelines. Always seek professional advice from local builders for structural work and for compliance reasons.

To find out more information about extensions or other changes you may wish to make, go to the Planning Portal (link below).
Planning Portal interactive house
Understanding the rules:
the new government planning portal includes an interactive guide to home improvements including details on which require
planning permission
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