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How to Create a Child’s Perfect Bedroom 

TOP TIPS: Oak Furniture Land's new blog is well worth a read...

Oak Furniture Land's
Jen Stanbrook

If it's a childrens bedroom that you're looking to redecorate then Swindon-based Oak Furniture Land have some very inspiring ideas on their website.

Blogger Jen Stanbrook has written a series of top tips on how to create a child's perfect bedroom and it's well worth a read.

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be great fun, and we are all filled with anticipation and excitement, when we first come to design our baby’s nursery. Many of us choose neutral colours to suit either gender, and create a space that is calming, welcoming and clutter free. Then the baby grows up, through the toddler years, young school years, into a tween and then a fully fledged teenager, and demands a much different bedroom at each stage. How do you deliver something both you and the child is happy with? It takes quite a lot of skill, and some hefty negotiation along the way but hopefully these tips will help.
10 Top Tips from Oak Furniture Land
Tip #1 - Avoid the Character Bedroom
It's very easy to fall into the trap of decorating your child's bedroom in the latest character craze such as Peppa Pig or Dora the Explorer, but children outgrow their 'favourites' sooner than you think!
Tip #2 - Storage, Storage, Storage
You can never have too much! Keep it clearly labelled and within reach - you want to encourage your little ones to tidy their toys away afterall!
Tip #3 - Be Prepared for Change
As mentioned above, kids change quickly! Be prepared to re-organise a room at a moments notice as your little one gets older. Particularly after a birthday or Christmas and the acquisition of extra toys and possessions!
Tip #4 - Mix and Match.
Don't be afraid to mix styles and brands - even put your local charity shop to good use for certain items. Prioritise your money on more important things like beds and furniture that need to last.
Tip #5 - Multi-Function and Sleepovers
Tailor your room to suit your child. Are they likely to use the room primarily for homework, have sleepovers or create artistic masterpieces?
Mix and match styles and brands for an individual look
Other Top Tips
Tip #6 - Creativity and Art
Give your child the space to display things on their walls safely. Create wall collages, make noticeboards or hang lots of shelves to display their treasures.
Tip #7 - Let there be Light
Invest in a good nightlight as they are needed for longer than you'd think. Also invest in blackout blinds, dimmer switches and soft lamps.
Tip #8 - Your Style
Don't be afraid to inject some of your personality into the space. The room should be an extention of you and your child, not what catalogues and magazines say you should create.
Tip #9 - Keep it Comfortable
Comfort is key. With a newborn you'll want a nursing chair, and when they're older they love a beanbag or floor cushion.
Tip #10 - Close your Eyes
Close your eyes to the mess. Creating tension over an untidy room isn't always the best way to communicate to your child, so find some middle ground. Suggest ways to keep it tidy and support them when it needs organising.
For even more tips and advice on children's bedrooms and other great topics including how to Create a Stylish Student Pad for under £100, please visit the Oak Furniture Land website by clicking on the link below.
Oak Furniture Land
Mannington Retail Park, Swindon

Oak Furniture Land is the UK's largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture.
With over twenty years’ experience in the UK furniture industry, they are specialists in their field and currently process approximately 400,000 orders a year.
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