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Safety Tips 

Barbecuing is a perfectly safe method of cooking - if it's done sensibly!

BBQ guide Swindon
Flash fires and tipsy chefs can lead to all sorts of problems, not to mention underdone chicken drumsticks that can turn an evening get together into queue for the loo! So before you start, please follow these simple guidelines.

Setting Up:

Firm and Stable Surface
Make sure the barbecue is on a firm and level surface before lighting. And once it's lit, don't move it.

Keep It Sheltered
For obvious reasons, don't site it near overhanging branches that may catch fire, but do put in a postion where it will be sheltered from the wind - but not where the smoke and fumes will be blown into the house!

Be Patient When Lighting!
Possibly the most frustrating part of barbecueing and potentially the most dangerous. Burnt fingers and loss of eyebrows is to be avoided at all costs, so NEVER pour flammable fluid on a barby to hasten the flames. Simply follow the instructions below, sit back and be patient.

Keep Children Away
Kids love a barbecue like we all do, but make sure they are aware of the dangers of hot coals, potentially very hot food and never let the little ones have a go at cooking. That job is definitely reserved for the man in the house!

Practice before a big party
If you are new to the game of barbecuing and this feature has encouraged you to embrace the ways of outdoor cooking and to organise a big party for all your friends, be prepared! Barbecuing for a small family get-together is very different from grilling for 20 or 30 people, so don't forget to try a trial run or two first before you attempt the big one!

Pre-Cook the Poultry
If there's one sure thing this summer, it's the Great Western Hospital will have an admittance from someone suffering from stomach ache due to eating some under-cooked chicken.
Making sure it isn't one of your party guests by pre-cooking all your chicken wings and drumsticks in the microwave or oven beforehand, and then using the barby to finish it off. But don't let chicken cool down before transferring it; poultry should never be reheated once it has cooled.

Thoroughly Cook the Meat
A nice glass of Rose or your guests taking in too much sun is the only pink colour you should see at a barby. Make sure meats such as burgers, sausages and poultry are thoroughly cooked, with no trace of pink in the juices or inside when you open one up to test.

Wash Your Hands
Especially after handling raw meat before touching other food. And don't use the same utensils for raw ingredients and cooked food.

Keep Foods Seperate.
To avoid cross-contamination, always keep raw foods to be cooked away from the foods ready to eat.
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