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Date added: 08 April 2010

Thanks for the mention! 

Tickle Cock Bridge, Shitterton, Sandy Balls and err... Swindon!
BBC Have I Got News For You
Swindon raised a laugh on 'Have I Got News For You' tonight with a humorous take on place names that embarrass the people who live there.
Classics such as towns and villages called Tickle Cock Bridge, Six Mile Bottom, Shitterton, Sandy Balls and even Twatt in the Shetland Islands got a mention.
But in the best mocking traditions of the long-running BBC show, the addition of good old 'Swindon' on the list got the biggest gaffaw from the studio audience - and us too!
The episode (number 2 of series 39) is available to see on the BBCi Player via the link below. The Swindon bit is 21 mins 44 secs in.
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BBCi Player - series 39 episode 2
Janet's Puppy School
Chelworth Windows and Conservatories, Swindon, Wiltshire