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Date added: 17 February 2014

A Break From The Rain? 

So do these people know something we don't?!... Plus pics of the new Swindon Broads...
Six weeks on from our last pictures of the floods on the Lechlade & Swindon border, the rain has just kept coming in a month of record downpours.
And now the Environment Agency has issued a Severe Flood Warning for the River Thames, which starts here.
The image below shows how serious the situation is near Halfpenny Bridge - now jokingly known as the Swindon Broads!
Judging by the sign we also saw below, perhaps the Swindon Watersports company in Highworth know something we don't!!

SWTV swam over to see how bad it was!!

The Swindon Broads
Swindon Broads
Swindon Watersports
See the pictures below we took four weeks ago.
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