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Date added: 10 March 2008

High winds hit Swindon 

But luckily, we seem to have escaped the worst of it 
Storms hit Swindon
Blown over:
the former pub sign
for The Wroughton,
in Wroughton this morning
It was the worst storm of the year last night, but luckily Swindon came through relatively unscathed - for now anyway.
The Highways Agency reporting a number of minor incidents this morning, including branches blocking a road in Blunsdon, and a similar obstruction in Wroughton.
Fortunately for town centre residents, damage was limited to dustbins being blown over and recycling boxes blown off pavements.
The Met Office have reported however, that high winds and rain will be returning to the area later on today.
Motorists are urged to take care.
Storms in Swindon
Be careful:
residents and motorists are urged to look out
for debris and other items - most notably the orange
recycling boxes - blown on to pavements and roads

Storms in Swindon
Worse to come?:
high winds are all set to return this afternoon

Storms in Swindon
Floating around:
yet another orange recycling box
caught in the middle of the bad weather

Mel Turner-Wright

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