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The Beatles 

50 years on from their first UK hit, Love Me Do, here's the FIVE links between Swindon and the Fab Four...
Connection 1: Sgt Pepper's 
The cover of the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, featuring Swindon's Diana Dors
Swindon's most famous actress, Diana Dors, appears very prominently on the cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (see picture).
The people featured are the Beatles' heroes - personally chosen by the group, with Swindon's former Ms. Fluck being a personal favourite of John Lennon. 
Connection 2: McIlroys
The Beatles played at McIlroy's Ballroom, Swindon on Tuesday 17 July 1962. It was The Beatles' third southern date and their second for Jaybee Clubs, in which they performed two separate 60-minute sets.
Their sole Swindon gig is also notable for their drummer on the night - Pete Best. Ringo Starr only took over on the 16th August that year.
Connection 3: EMI
The former EMI CD manufacturing plant in Swindon (now Car Shop)produced many of the Beatles Anthology Series CDs, and was situated in Penny Lane until it closed in 2002 - a new road which was named after the Beatles song. Check your Anthology CDs to see if they have "EMI Swindon" printed near the centre!
Connection 4: Sir George Martin - the 'Fifth Beatle'
Beatles producer Sir George Martin - the man who masterminded every Beatles' recording at his EMI studio on Abbey Road from 1962 until their split in 1970 - lived in the village of Coleshill, seven miles from Swindon, for more than forty years.
Martin (pictured centre below) is often described as the 'Fifth Beatle' for his close collaboration with chief songwriters Lennon & McCartney during each song arrangement. "We came up with the ideas, he made them happen," McCartney, who worked with Martin after the Beatles spilt, said.
Up until his death on the 9th March 2016, George could often be seen shopping in nearby Highworth.
Love Me Do
Love Me Do, the Beatles' first single success was recorded at Abbey Studios on 11 September 1962 and released on 05 October - but Ringo Starr didn't play drums.
George Martin booked session drummer Andy White for the recording after being unhappy with an earlier Starr performance on 04 September. But Ringo did play the tambourine on the record. 
Connection 5: Abbey Road Beetle
The famous Abbey Road Beatles picture, featuring a VW Beatle registered in Swindon
Mystery Beetle:
registered in Swindon
It's one of the most famous album covers in the world - the Beatles walking across the zebra crossing just outside the Abbey Road studios in London.
And in the picture - yes, you've got to look closely - you'll notice a white 1968 VW Beetle, parked on the left-hand kerb. A car registered in Swindon, no less! Registration number LMW 281F.
Whose car is was, no one knows. Was it yours? It was sold to an Amercian collector in 1986 for £2,350.
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