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Julian Clary 

'Honourary' Swindonian 

Julian Clary
The King of Camp:
Julian Clary, seen here
opening the new green at
Wills Bowls Club, where his
parents were members
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Television viewers will have seen him prancing away in the hit series 'Strictly Come Dancing', but Swindonians are more likely to see him taking his dog for a walk near his parents home in Westlea.

A prime candidate for our Swindon People section, he is, of course, camp comedian Julian Clary.

The only thing is - contrary to popular belief - he wasn't actually born in Swindon and has never lived here. But that's not to say that you won't bump into him in town because he is a very frequent visitor.

Julian (pictured, right) was actually born in Teddington in 1960 and when his parents moved to Swindon, when he was 18, he went to university.

"I have never lived in Swindon," he confirmed, "although my parents are still there and I visit them a lot."
He also revealed that they would often "dog sit" for his canine companion Fanny the Wonderdog before her death. The pictures shown here are from Julian's visit to Wills Bowls Club in Swindon where his parents were the Men's and Ladies Captains in 1999.
His last visit to Swindon included speaking at the Festival of Literature in May 2009 (see interview below).
Comedian and writer

Comedian, actor and star of TV and film, Julian made a name for himself in the late 1980s with his stand-up routine called The Joan Collins Fan Club, and has since been known as the 'King of Camp' with numerous appearances on our TV screens and even on film.
These have included hosting the comedy TV quiz, Sticky Moments, and starring in the sitcom Terry and Julian.

Julian Clary
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His other notabale credits include the remake of Mr & Mrs, presenting the MTV Awards, Top of the Pops and enjoying a regular slot on Have I Got News For You. He is also a film star, having appeared in Carry On Columbus.

The first British comedian to be upfront about his sexuality, his outrageously gay style and trademark stream of sexual double-entendres and puns are probably best remembered by many for an incident at the British Comedy Awards in 1993.

Broadcast live on television, Clary made a sexual joke about Norman Lamont, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, which received uproarious laughter from the celebrity audience.
Although there were only 12 complaints from a viewing audience of 3 million, the next day's press was indignant and called for him to be banned from television. As a result Julian Clary went on tour in Australia.

Julian Clary
Gay Icon:
Clary on stage
On his return, Julian's career resumed without controversy and since has gone from strength to strength.
Returning to his stand-up roots, Julian most recently received rave reviews for his lastest, typically outrageous, act 'Natural Born Mincer' - a show that brought him back to the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon for a rare appearance festooned in make-up, flowers and exotic costumes!

Currently resident in London along with his pooch Valerie and puss Gloria, Clary still has a soft spot for our beloved Town, saying:

"Swindon has a nice energy. I love getting out of London; I love escaping to Swindon. The air is cleaner and the pace is slower, but there is still that excitement about it." Bless!
That's good enough for us. Even if he isn't a real Swindonian, we think he's earnt his place as an honourary Swindonian.

Even though he still can't dance.
Julian Clary honourary Swindonian in Cabaret
On the West End stage:
most recently Clary has been starring in the musical
Cabaret at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
'Honorary' Swindonian
'Honorary' Swindonian We interview Julian Clary before his Festival of Literature appearance...
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