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Date added: 08 March 2007

Open For Business event at the University of Bath in Swindon 

Over sixty Swindon businesses of all sizes were represented at the second 'Open For Business' event at the University of Bath in Swindon today.

Hosted by leading South West accountancy firm Monahans, together with legal experts, Lemon & Co, and banking giant HSBC, the day consisted of fourteen different workshops, all geared to helping company owners and managers grow their businesses and maximise profits.

Gaining a better understanding:
seminar members share their experiences and ideas

The seminar follows on from the first open event which was declared as a 'huge success' by all that attended.

"Businesses in and around Swindon need an informative day like this," commented Dave Thomas, Head of Commercial at HSBC, "the aim of today is to gain an insight into how you can develop your business to make it more profitable and more effective." 

Guest speakers included those from a varied selection of businesses, including Tim Finney from Helen Browning Organic Foods, who shared his secrets of commercial success in helping to create a new market and becoming a significant player in the field of organic produce.

At anytime throughout the day guests got a choice of three workshops with subjects discussed such as tax saving ideas, maximising IT systems, retaining staff and taking on a business lease.

Working in partnership:
Nita King of Lemon & Co
and Richard Edwards of Monahans

"Swindon is at the forefront of being a sucessful business town," said Richard Edwards, Marketing Director at Monahans, "and days like this not only provide people with information which will allow them to grow, but it gives networking oppotunities with other businesses in the region.

"It's crucial we keep organising events like these so that Swindon's business success story will continue."
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