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Work Outfit For Under 70 

Katie Smith's simple guide to looking fabulous at work
With money not flowing at such a steady pace after such an exciting holiday, we all want a bargain, right?

Katie Smith is here and to help you relinquish the darkness outside with a whole outfit from the same shop, for under 70. 

This week we are looking for that perfect works outfit. Whether you prefer the trouser suit, skirt and blouse or a dress. We will have the outfit that will make you look a million pounds, when in actual fact, it was an absolute steal.

The Dress
A peplum dress is something that a lot of us have admired from afar but have never had the courage to try on, so give this beautiful dress a try.

The peplum at the front of the dress will flatter the waist, the smallest part of your body and will also help to conceal your stomach after lunch!

The black side panels will also give you a much slimmer appearance.



Although deceiving, the dress has a fair amount of detailing on it so you want to go for a plain and simple cardigan, so as not to take the attention away from the dress. 

This plain black cardigan is not only slightly fitted to show off your curves, but will also help to keep you warm in the office. 


And finally...

To complete your outfit, these black stilettos will be perfect.

With the black snakeskin patent effect toecap, it shows the perfect amount of detailing to not draw away from the dress.

The heel is the perfect height for work. 


Outfit total: 68.50

The Skirt & Blouse

Us Brits are always drawn to blacks and whites. We match our dreary weather with even drearier outfits.

Its time to add colour, and for this time of year, reds & pinks are the top colour choices. This pleated skirt has a real vintage feel to it and the colour flatters any skin tone.



Blouses are easy and comfortable to wear. This spotted collar and cuffs blouse will compliment the skirt wonderfully. 

The black will match the belt and help to make your waist stand out more. Wear the blouse tucked under the skirt and then pull it out slightly, to give a more easy going look. 



Pair with tights to keep the cold at bay. 


And finally...

Add these wedged boots to the mix.

It will help to elongate your legs and give the outfit a more modern twist. 


Outfit total:  60.96

The Trousers & Top Combo

Instead of going for the typical black trousers, why not try out a new pattern.

These black floral trousers are supposed to sit fairly loosely around the top of your legs and more fitted towards the bottom of your legs.



Pop a standard strappy top on and then put
this sleeve jumper on over the top.

The colour compliments the pattern on the trousers perfectly. 

The sleeves are the perfect compromise between keeping you warm and cool. 



To add a bit more detail to your top half, try this collar.

The blue embellishment will look perfect against the baby pink jumper and will have people in awe of your adornment. 


And finally...

Partner the whole outfit with these black studded trim loafers.

They are easy to wear and something that can be worn with any other work outfits you have.

The subtle detail wont clash with the print on the trousers but will add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. 


Outfit total:  64.96

These outfits will have you looking like the style queen within your work place, but still sophisticated and reliable. Such great pieces that wont have you cringing at your bank balance for the rest of the month!
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