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Travel Packs 

Swindon Travel Choices and Sustrans team up to provide free packs to keep employers and employees healthy and happy...
Whether an employer or an employee there's plenty to gain from downloading the new travel packs on offer from Swindon Travel Choices and Sustrans.
The Swindon Employee Travel Pack includes links to cycle and walking maps, route planning tools, public transport timetables and more. This is ideal for people new to the area and even those considering moving to Swindon.
The employer pack on the other hand provides employers in Swindon with everything you need to know about keeping the workforce healthy and happy by encouraging cycling, walking and public transport. You’ll find information about how to create a travel plan, access grants for cycling parking and much more.

Swindon Employee Travel Pack: Click Here
Employer Travel Pack: Click Here
For further details on Sustrans and Swindon Travel Choices please visit the websites below 
Swindon Travel Choices - website
Sustrans - website
  Swindon Travel Choices