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Date added: 10 October 2014

How Do You Get Your Feedback? 

Unique approach means more success for Swindon-based Planet Pursuits
Award winning event company Planet Pursuits held team building on a massive scale very recently for a high flying pharmaceutical company.
The Integration event was designed to incorporate a new acquisition into the company, with a specific focus on reinforcing the company values.
After detailed management meeting to understand the client brief, Planet Pursuits proposed and then executed its engaging and highly effective ‘Brand’ event.
The event allows team to physically rebuild the company Brand, represented as a giant cube, which consist of 125 smaller cubes, whilst exercising its corporate values.
Of course, each cube has to be earned with an array of co-ordinated team tasks, which involves effective communication, whole team input and group collaboration.
Collaborative approach
“This high energy event never ceases to amaze me, with the versatility and commitment of the teams, to perform consistently and with a collaborative approach,” remarked Simon Maddison, Director of Planet Pursuits.
"What’s more it’s an event that needs to be executed perfectly in every way, as the client gest to add its feedback on the final 25 cubes.
“It’s often the best and worst part of the event, as we wait for the results on our performance from over 250 delegates, but it always works out fine in the end”, Simon added.
5 year development
The event was designed by Simon and his team over 5 years ago and is done in teams of 8-10 delegates’ cabaret style and was specifically created as an indoor team building event to engage large teams for 2-3 hours with a specific focus on exercising company values.
For more information on team building large scale team building check out Planet Pursuits via the link below.
Planet Pursuits - website
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