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Date added: 05 April 2017

Thanks Monahans! 

Swindon accountants raise £2,800 for Swindon Carers Centre
Chartered accountancy firm Monahans has celebrated the end of a successful year of fundraising for Swindon Carers’ Centre by handing over a cheque for £2,800.
Every year, each Monahans office selects a local charity to raise money for, through a variety of different activities such as quizzes, bake sales and dress-down days.
Monahans also used business “brains” across the town to raise this amount, with the annual Swindon Sports Quiz contributing just over half of the total.
Craig Hatherall, ACA Trainee at Monahans who, together with senior accountant Holly Ayton organises social and charitable activities in Swindon, said: “We’ve had another very successful year of fundraising and we’re very proud to be able to hand over such a large amount to Swindon Carers’ Centre.
“The work that Swindon Carers’ Centre does is invaluable to the town and we wanted to be able to support them to help more people.”
Supporting over 3,000 carers in Swindon
Swindon Carers’ Centre supports 3,000 carers in Swindon, with 900 of these aged between five and 18 years. Fiona Prinzi, director of service development, said: “Without donations and fundraising like this we couldn’t support so many carers and young carers across Swindon.
“We’ve been providing support to unpaid carers in the town for over 20 years and with this sort of support we are able to provide counselling and fun activities or carer groups, such as the Open Minds group for older people looking after those with dementia.
“It also enables us to provide fun activities that carers tell us they like to do, such as going fishing – as we have done this week. It’s the fun things like this that remind people that they’re a person in their own right, not just a carer.”
The cheque was formally presented to the charity as part of the Monahans Annual Charity Quiz. This quiz signals the start of the 2017/18 fundraising and welcomes the new Monahans Swindon Charity of the Year, which will be split between Prospect Hospice, Macmillan, the Dove Specialist Cancer Unit at the Great Western Hospital, and The Anthony Nolan Trust.
For more information on Monahans visit www.monahans.co.uk.