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Date added: 28 November 2011

A Wedding in the Week – Yes or No? 

Natalie Lovett from Love to Plan runs through the pros and cons of having a wedding during the week
Wedding on a weekday, Swindon
Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged, and now that the initial celebrations have been had, the rather overwhelming venue hunt begins!
It’s quite a daunting task, especially in the very beginning when you are browsing with no clear idea as to your budget. 
Suddenly the Internet searches bring with them a realisation that a budget needs to be worked out pronto – and not just for the venue, but for the whole shebang, and let’s face it, most of us Brides are first timers at this and Wedding Budget Planning is a totally unknown quantity and can cause headaches trying to split it between the various suppliers. 
But it must be done, and once it’s finished a sense of relief and a dose of reality will hit... suddenly you start to realise that unfortunately Highclere Castle really is a little out of reach, but perhaps your local Boutique Hotel is just about possible. 
On closer inspection you see the venue hire fee, perhaps exclusive use fee, “per head” costs for food and drink start to add up and frustration kicks in leaving you wondering “how will we ever be able to afford this?” After careful assessment of your guest list you decide that you can’t go down any further on numbers and really don’t want to cut back on your plans, and perhaps you begin to wonder…“do I have to get married on a Saturday? Is a weekday wedding cheaper?” 
Getting married on a weekday
As a Wedding Planner, this is a topic of conversation that is cropping up more and more – and with the current climate being as it is, is it any wonder?! 
Going against the traditional Saturday wedding will bring with it a number of Pros and Cons, and here they are as I see them: 
Pros to a weekday wedding:
- It can work out to be around a third cheaper, especially if you get your negotiation head on!  Most venues have cottoned on to this little enterprise and generally don’t offer substantial discounts for Friday or Sunday weddings, but it’s well worth looking in to.
- Perhaps your chosen venue is one of the most popular around and with only 52 weekends in the year, the next available Summer Saturday could be 3 years away – by moving your wedding to a weekday, your dream may well materialise.
- With the possibility of bringing the cost down, you have the chance to up your venue expectations, perhaps add to your wedding day wishes, maybe splash out more than planned on your honeymoon or simply save a bit for your future.
- It’s something different! All couples want their wedding to be talked about. so give your guests a thrill and get them to book a day off work! 

Cons to a weekday wedding:
- It will lead to the biggest question of all – will our nearest and dearest come?  By marrying on a weekday you are asking your family and friends to take a day or two off work – this may not be greeted with the enthusiasm that you want.
- Your evening reception may end sooner than if it was on a Saturday as many guests will be mindful of work the next day and may well leave earlier.
- Some of your family and friends will be Traditionalists and will not appreciate a move from the Saturday wedding and you may get unwanted lectures. 
But with every cloud, there is always a silver lining!
Don’t be put off by the Con’s, just be mindful of them – you can send “Save the Date” cards to give your guests as much notice as possible, and why not have an earlier wedding and make a day of it…guests leaving a little earlier will actually be welcome due to your long and busy day! 
So, is a weekday wedding appropriate and acceptable?  Only you can decide, but I think you’ll agree - it’s certainly worth looking in to! 
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