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Don't be fooled into a Pet Scam 

Beware of scammers preying on pet lovers
Pets Swindon
We’re all aware now, aren’t we?, of the overseas con artists who send fake e-mails asking for small amounts of money in return for so-called large sums of cash which are just out of reach.
This type of scam is common place but as with all criminal activity, these scammers are getting smarter and are picking up on the UK’s love of pets, particularly though not exclusively dogs.
Scammers are now putting out advertisements with photos of cute, often purebred puppies on online selling websites and the more traditional classified newspaper ads. These puppies do not exist – it’s a way of getting hold of your cash.
Often the ads, claim there are puppies available which are free to a good home but could currently be ‘stranded’ in Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa. But beware, the saying ‘you don’t get something for nothing’ should be ringing loud in your ears.
Once a potential victim contacts the scammer, he or she will be asked to pay ‘shipping fees’ and/or other fees, such as customs duties, shots, adoption fees, insurance and vaccinations.
Often, if you send out one sum of money, more fees pop up. Be aware that it’s not just our love of dogs that is being exploited.
We know of one case where someone was conned out of money on the promise of a parrot she wanted to own. One sure sign of a scam is the incorrect use of language.
For example, the word ‘baby’ can often be used instead of ‘puppy’. Regardless of grammar, it’s not advisable to buy a pet over the internet or through a small ad unless the final transaction takes place in person when you can see and touch your would-be pet.
Alternatively, you can visit your local animal rescue centre.
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