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Dental Care Month 

Vets want pet-owners to look after their pets’ teeth to prevent serious illness
Pets Swindon
As human beings we are not always very good at caring for our teeth and gums so it should come as no surprise to know that we are even worse at caring for those of our pets.
Yet by neglecting this kind of routine care – which is not covered by insurance – our dogs and cats are at risk of disease as they grow older.
Giovanna Hartley, of Thameswood Veterinary Clinic in Moredon, Swindon, has seen the heart-breaking consequences of not providing good oral care on many occasions.
“This is a huge problem and vets are desperate to raise awareness about this issue. It is particularly bad in cats where neglect of their teeth can lead to all sorts of problems as they get older, particularly with their kidneys. Only recently a young dog had to be put down here where its teeth were so rotten that its jaw was irreparably damaged, almost rotted away.”
Free checks
During June, vets across the country are offering reductions on dental treatment to try to encourage pet owners to take steps to prevent poor oral health in their animals.
Initial dental checks will be free of charge, and there will be discounts on any work needed. Some practices are charging a standard fee for treatment rather than giving an estimate for individual pets.
The aim is to encourage people to seek advice as early as possible. Dental treatment is not cheap, it can cost from £200 to £600 for a dog or cat, but expenses down the line could be much, much higher.
Vets and veterinary nurses will also be giving advice about a more holistic approach to maintaining dental health. This could be through treating the water that pets drink, through diet and specific snacks, as well as advice about brushing a pet’s teeth.
“Pet owners and would-be pet owners need to budget for these types of check-ups about every three years. As pets approach middle age, this must be considered more and more,” explains Giovanna Hartley.
The awareness campaign is sponsored by Pedigree and information about which Swindon vets are taking part is available from www.pedigree.com/dentalcaremonth
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