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Pets at Christmas 

Everyone deserves a Christmas present, so don't let your pets be the exception!
Pets in Swindon Christmas
They give you unconditional love all year round... well, most of the time! So give something back to your pet this Christmas.
We all know that the ultimate present for man's best friend is a Christmas tree! It's every male dog's dream - a tree in the lounge!
Just be careful he doesn' get in the habit of cocking his leg on it!
From selection boxes to stockings: you would be surprised what gifts are readily available to purchase for your pet at this festive time.
Toomers Garden and Pet Centre Swindon
Lydiard Millicent
West Swindon
Plenty of treats and ideas for animals of all sizes - guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, cats and horses.
Don't let Christmas shopping become your pet hate!
Looking after your pet
Remember that the best thing you can do for your pet is to look after them properly while we're all eating and drinking - and possibly staggering about!
Dogs love a good long walk on Christmas day, so why got get everyone out the house for an hour to walk-off the Christmas turkey or early morning festivities.
Turkey bones? No! No!
Please don't be tempted to give dogs turkey bones, as they splinter very easily and can get stuck in the throat.
Chocolates, peanuts and nibbles
We may love a liqueur chocolate over Christmas, but your dog really won't appreciate it after gobbling one down - from you, your aunt, your cousin, your dad, your grandmother and your next door neighbour, all thinking they were the only one treating the dog!
Chocolate - unless specially-made for dogs - isn't good for them either, as are salted peanuts and other nibbles.
Christmas decorations
Some dogs will eat anything! So what looks like an apple to your four-legged friend might not be one! So please be careful with decorations and present wrapping lying around.
It's cold outside!
As the temperatures plummet, don't forget your rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals if they live outside. And if it freezes, remember to keep and eye on your fishpond.
If you're off to see relatives in the car and it's more than just a drive down the road, follow our pet travelling tips for a stress-free ride!
The best present of all...
And, of course, the old cliche - a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. So if your pet has any inoculations due then make sure you book an appointment with your local vet in the new year.

Thameswood Vets Swindon
Thameswood Vets
Swindon (Various Clinics)
Operating from two purpose-built sites within Swindon. The high standard of their facilities means you can be sure that both you and your pet receive the best care and support throughout any emergency, illness or surgery.
Janet's Puppy Skool
Haydon Wick
And if you are thinking of getting a puppy this Christmas - not forgetting, of course, a dog is for life (we had to get that in there!) - there's no better start for a young dog than a trip to Janet's Puppy Skool.
Janet's classes are more than just the best way to teach recall and walking nicely on a lead, but are great for the owners too. 
Put your pets first this December.
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