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Pets & Cold Weather 

With the cold weather set to stay, here's our advice on how to look after your pets when it starts to get chilly!
We all love snow, pets included.
But unlike us, they don't always know what's best for them when the temperature gauge starts to fall south of the freezing line. 
To help you keep them safe & well, here's our top tips for looking after your pets during the colder months of the year.
Pets & Cold Weather Swindon 2012
- If you're walking your dog around Coate Water, Moulden Hill or Stanton Lake, the water does freeze, but never thick enough to stand on. For this reason, don't let your dog off the leash onto the ice, as they can easily fall through and drown when chasing ducks or swans.
- Don't leave your pets alone in the car during cold weather. Vehicles can act like a refrigerator, holding in the cold and potentially freezing them to death.
- Puppies are affected by the cold more than adult dogs, and it can be hard to house-train them in the winter (would you like to be put in the snow to use the toilet!). If you think your puppy is being affected by the cold weather, it's best to paper-train them until the weather turns again.
- Be sure to wipe off all ice/snow from your dog's underbelly and paws, as they can easily pick up anti-freeze, gritting salt and other harmful chemicals which your dog may then ingest by cleaning them off.
- During the winter, some outdoor cats take to sleeping under warm car bonnets at night. When you start the engine in the morning, they can become scared or injured by moving parts. Be sure to make lots of noise around the car to shoo any cats away before starting up.
- Keep your cats indoors. During cold weather, they can easily become lost or injure themselves, freezing to death in adverse weather conditions.
Follow this advice and we're sure both you and your pets can enjoy some of the cold weather that is heading our way.
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