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Travelling tips for your pet 

A few tips to make travelling in a car more comfortable for your dog
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Some of us put our pets into kennels, catteries or hire people to pet-sit when we go on holiday.
Often, those of us who have dogs, would not even consider taking a holiday without them.
Here are a few tips to make travelling in a car more comfortable for your dog.
Dog Harness
Dog in a car
First of all, best practice is to either put our dogs in a pet carrier or fit a suitable dog harness. Pet carriers, or crates, are often favoured as animals can feel safer travelling in this way.
If you are buying one for the first time, or getting a new one, itís best to buy it in advance to get your pet used to it prior to a long journey to a holiday destination. Try a few short outings from home so that the carrier becomes familiar.
Animal Harness
If you prefer an animal harness, these are now readily available at good pet stores. If using this form of restraint, itís often preferable to cover car seats with a rug or cushion so that your animal is more comfortable and your upholstery is somewhat protected from hairs.
Travel Sickness
Did you know though that dogs can get travel sickness, just like us? There are some herbal-type remedies out there Ė but any tips you might have to help with this Ė just let us know!
Feeding Time
Feeding a dog before a long journey can be tricky. Itís thought that the best way to handle this is to give a small meal a few hours before setting off and make sure your pet has been to the toilet.
Toilet Break
Puppies find it particularly difficult to wait for a toilet stop, so puppy pads can help with this, soaking up any accidents.
Keep Them Cool
The most important thing to remember when taking pets in a car is to keep them cool. Having access to water is crucial and fresh air also helps - but itís best to use a car window vent.
Weíve all seen dogs sticking their heads out of car windows but this is extremely dangerous. Apart from the obvious hazard this causes, dogs can get injuries to eyes and ears from small particles in the air.
Remember never to leave your pet in a car unattended with windows closed Ė temperatures inside a car rise very quickly and it can take just minutes for an animal to die from heat stroke.
In fact itís best to take your dog with you at all times.
Pet Tags
One last tip before taking your pet away Ė make sure they can be easily identified if they become lost. Pet tags can be used but micro-chipping is much more reliable. Remember that itís a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar and ID tag in public places.
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