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Talking Heads

by Alan Bennett

These superb pieces epitomise Bennett's gripping stories and masterly style. The suburban normality of the world his characters inhabit once again belies their lives of secrets, revelations, fears, crimes and passions. They tell their stories and in doing so reveal more than they know of the humour, passion and sadness of their lives.

OTTC will be performing:

A Woman of No Importance

Peggy Schofield is the self-declared lynchpin of the office and staff canteen. Her world is well ordered and strictly under her control until, little by little, both her regime and her health diminish. Can she transfer her lynchpin role to the hospital setting? Is she really as important as she believes herself to be?

A Lady of Letters

Irene Ruddock is not afraid to speak, or rather write, her mind, She writes letters to her MP, the police, the chemist - everyone she can, to remedy the social ills she sees around her. After one too many accusations of misconduct from Irene's pen, she is sent to prison - where, for the first time in her life, she truly feels free.

Soldiering On

Muriel is a strong woman, and always has been a pillar of the community, a regular charity worker, and a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Looking after her mentally ill daughter, Margaret, has fortified her resolve so, after the death of her husband, Muriel is well-prepared to cope with the crisis. However, given her son's ineptitude (or dishonesty) with money, and the vile secret behind Margaret's illness, Muriel finds that she needs to adapt in order to 'soldier on.'

7.30pm, Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 May 2008
Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Swindon

Tickets: 7.50 or 5 concessions. Buy 8 at 7.50 and get two free!
Box Office: 01793 614837

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