Harold Jolliffe One Act Play Festival 2012

Entries for the Harold Jolliffe One Act Play Festival 2012 are as follows.

Thursday 12 April 2012

First performance at 7.15pm

Athelstan Players logo

Athelstan Players

Strictly for The Birds

by John Waterhouse and Patricia Leach

What happens when an all female acting ensemble trust a man to write a play for them?

A minor skirmish in the battle of the sexes!

Further Information

See the Athelstan Players website (www.athelstanplayers.org).

Swindon Act logo

Swindon Act

Collection Day

Do we ever really know a person? As guests gather at the wake of a man known to all, his secrets are revealed.

This upright family man, honest and devoted, had tales to tell that he didn’t entirely manage to take with him to the grave.

An improvised piece by the cast of Swindon Adult Community Theatre.

Further Information

See the Swindon Act website (www.swindonact.co.uk).

Dead Meat Productions


by Owen Fishwick

Revenge is a dish best served cold, or so the saying goes.

What happens though, if the act of revenge is carried out before the slight that caused it?

An intriguing piece of new writing which touches on how we’d all like to ‘get our own back’, even for offences that haven’t even been done to us!

Strong language.

Friday 13 April 2012

First performance at 7.15pm

Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society logo

Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society

All Around My Pole

by Bridget Derret

Three women of ‘uncertain age’ decide that the best way they can keep fit is to learn how to Pole Dance!

A fast moving comedy, as these three innocents – or are they? – laugh and cry their way to a new awareness of themselves, their relationships and each other.

One not to miss!

Further Information

See the Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society website (www.pvads.net).

Clarendon Players logo

Clarendon Players

Interior Designs

by Jimmy Chin

A brash, arrogant odd-job man offers his services to three very different women.

Unknown to each other, initially, and from different backgrounds, the women do share the common sadness of loneliness.

How far will they go to feel wanted?

Strong language/adult themes.

Further Information

See the Clarendon Players website (www.clarendonplayers.co.uk).

New College logo

The Phoenix Theatre @ New College

Capti Gaeth

a collaborative piece

Using the stimulus of Dale Wasserman’s stage adaptation of ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ as a basis, this is a new devised play that looks at a group of people who are confined-both in reality and in their minds.

A theatrical and intriguing experience that takes the idea of group therapy and turns it on its head!

Some strong language/adult themes.

Saturday 14 April 2012

First performance at 1.00pm


Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society Youth Section

A Modern Twist

by Nettie Powell

Ellie surfs the internet, seeking inspiration for a school project.

This fast paced, funny play takes its large cast on a cyber-journey through the world wide web where the lesson can sometimes be, ‘too much information isn’t necessarily a good thing!’

Further Information

See the Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society website (www.pvads.net).

E=MC² Productions logo

E=MC² Productions

Hallowed Ground

by Elizabeth Coyle-Camp

There’s an ancient Yew Tree at St John’s Church in Tisbury, near Salisbury.

Believed to be the oldest in the country, its shade links five characters across 300 years in a play about joblessness, motherhood and murder.

Wroughton Amateur Dramatic and Music Society logo

Wroughton Amateur Dramatic and Music Society

A Dog’s Life

by Pam Valentine

Time to meet four engaging canine characters in neighbouring cages at the kennels; all waiting hopefully for a new home.

There’s Fritz the aggressive German shepherd, Fifi the proud French poodle, old Ben who has lived most of his life on the road, and the adorable puppy Ginger.

A bitter sweet, engaging tale with a life or death decision affecting one of the dogs....

Saturday 14 April 2012

First performance at 7.15pm

Whole Hog Productions logo

Whole Hog Productions

The Final Act of Henry Gladstone

adapted from “Swan Song” by Anton Chekhov

A rundown theatre; an old actor who’s delivered his final line; a young stage manager locking alone up for the first time.

The scene is set for story of regret and inspiration.

This will be Whole Hog’s second offering at HJ’12!

Old Town Theatre Company logo

Old Town Theatre Company


by Scott Hunter

A real brain-bender for anyone who’s ever bemoaned the intrusive nature of modern advertising!

Imagine a world where it’s legal for salesmen to set up a pitch in your home, and sell ‘at you’ until you buy!

An entertaining, off-piste, offering from the winners of HJ’11!

Further Information

See the Old Town Theatre Company website (www.oldtowntheatrecompany.co.uk).


Festival Awards

Following the two performances on Saturday evening is the all-important awards ceremony where we’ll hear who’s won:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Director
  • Best Play

It’s just like the Oscars!

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