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Kitchen Planning 

Traditional or modern, our full guide to planning your kitchen
Kitchen Planning Swindon
When it comes to kitchens, the old phrase "You get what you pay for" never rings more true.
Yes, you can do a makeover on a budget (see link below) but if you've finally made the decision to have the kitchen of your dreams and to get the professionals in, make sure you choose the best quality you can afford.
Not only will a quality job increase the value of your home but spending the extra will mean it that the kitchen will last longer than ever and give you even more pride when you show it off to the neighbours!

Traditional or modern?

We aren't sure if Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen has done his bit on a kitchen in Swindon, but we're sure there must be some people thinking he has!

What looks good today may not look good in 5 years time - even a year in extreme cases, so don't let your kitchen turn into an embarrassing eyesore by thinking twice and taking the right advice.
Single or growing family?

Your lifestyle, however, is the key to planning a kitchen that works for you.

A single person more suited to eating out, take-aways and the odd bit of entertaining is obviously different from a spacious kitchen needed for a growing family. 

Whatever your circumstance, your kitchen must be practical - without forgetting style - and you must plan it accordingly.
Kitchen Planning Swindon
Key planning pointers:
- Is there enough room for a kitchen table? A breakfast table? Could the kitchen and dining room become an even larger kitchen/diner?

- How much storage space? Be imaginative when planning your storage space and get the most out of it. At the same time, make sure that the things you use regularly will be to hand. Having the cooker 10 feet from the work surface or useful utensils simply isn't practical.

- Where are the plug points and plumbing? Re-wiring, pipe moving and knocking out new ventilation holes costs money that could be used in improving quality elsewhere.

New appliances? Does the new kitchen deserve a brand new cooker and dishwasher? Are they going to be fitted?

And what about one of those big american type fridge freezers? Have you got enough room?
See our buying guide to Domestic Appliances in Swindon for more advice & tips.
Lighting? No one likes a dark kitchen, especially with sharp knives about. Good lighting is essential in a kitchen with natural light the best.

- And, finally, be PRECISE when measuring the size of your existing kitchen - and double check! Kitchen planning is not time for guesstimating, especially if you about to order 5,000 pounds worth of kitchen cabinets.
Seeing is believing...
Kitchen planning
Being able to see what your kitchen will look like before it's actually installed is probably the biggest step in modern kitchen design.
Computer-aided design and 3D technology (without the glasses!) mean a proper kitchen designer can measure the space you have available and show you on screen exactly how the cabinets, storage, appliances and flooring will all fit together. 
In-Toto Kitchens
Old Town, Swindon

Top quality cabinets, individually crafted for your kitchen, with leading brand state-of-the-art appliances, all installed to the highest standards. Showroom in Old Town, Swindon.

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