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Kitchen Accessories 

With the right choices you can turn a dull everyday kitchen into an interesting eye-pleaser
Home Improvement Swindon
These are the additions that can really make or break a room. But with the right choices you can turn a dull everyday kitchen into an interesting eye-pleaser.

This is also where your budget can go a long way and where you can add the finishing touches that will make all the hard work worth while.
Without ignoring the obvious and the fact you need to see what you're actually doing in a kitchen, lighting is one of the most powerful elements in kitchen design.
Lighting sets the mood of the room and can increase the look of space.

Discreet, small fittings can be used to backlight cabinets, uplight a picture or downlight tables and preparation surfaces.

> Lighting Bug
Top tip:
Always think about maximising the natural light in the kitchen before deciding on your kitchen lighting. Blinds, windows and light from other rooms should all be considered.
Nothing can look more striking than natural light streaming into your kitchen. And blinds not only give you the most flexibility on controlling it but also the greatest style.
Blinds can be also designed and manufacturered in nearly all colours to match the suroundings - plus made to fit the most awkward of windows.

> Charisma Blinds
Chrome Accessories

Stylish chrome coffee pots, toasters, storage canisters and cooking utensils all enhance the look of a modern kitchen. Brabantia's Touch Bin is almost reaching design icon status. Splash out if you have the money!

Pots and pans

There's no point having the kitchen you've worked hard for only to not have the tools and utensils to make the most of it with.

But storing pans, woks and other bulky items on rails above headheight may be a great way of maximising storage space - but old burnt out frying pans on display won't compliment your new look!

The same goes for knives, forks and spoons when you invite the neighbours round to enjoy your new surrounding - so dump the old one you stole from the office canteen and get some bright shiny new ones.


Now you've taken down the dog-eared old calender featuring cats from around the world, you may have room to really brighten things up with a nice piece of artwork.

Just follow our guide for tips and hints on what to buy.

In-Toto Kitchens
Old Town, Swindon

Top quality cabinets, individually crafted for your kitchen, with leading brand state-of-the-art appliances, all installed to the highest standards. Showroom in Old Town.

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