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Date added: 25 February 2010

Backing Young Swindon 2010 

Job fair aimed at 18-24 year olds helps both jobseekers and employers
Getting a job is a serious business.
And at a specially arranged job fair at the new Platform youth centre in Swindon, young people got the chance to learn more about career opportunities and the skills companies in Swindon really need.
Platform Job Fair Swindon 2010
The right platform:
the job fair was held at the recently opened
Platform youth centre in Faringdon Road
Organised by Jobcentre plus and Backing Young Swindon, and attended by Government minister for Work and Pensions Yvette Cooper, the fair was part of larger programme to help and engage with 18 to 24 year olds in Swindon thinking about and actively looking for work opportunities. 
With approximately 1500 young people in Swindon currently claiming jobseekers allowance, competition for jobs has never been higher.
Yvette Cooper talking to Swindon young people
Time out to talk:
Government minister Yvette Cooper spending time
with some of the young people attending the job fair
Companies taking part in the event included the Royal Mail, Nationwide, McDonalds and English Heritage, all of which welcomed the opportunity to meet what is a new generation of potential employees and to help them understand the essential skills they require.
Over two hundred young people attended the day, all of whom went home far better equipped to cope with finding that all-important first job and starting their careers.
See our SwindonWebTV video above for comment from those attending plus an interview with Work and Pensions minister Yvette Cooper.
Job Fair Gallery
Swindon Young Persons Job Fair 2010
Swindon Young Persons Job Fair
Swindon Young Persons Job Fair
Young Persons Job Fair Swindon 2010
Young Persons Job Fair Swindon
Swindon Young Persons Job fair
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