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Spokes and Spanners 

Technical back-up for cyclists - tips, advice and the local experts who can help
Some people love tinkering with bikes. For them, itís a part of the fun.

For the rest of us, the less time you spend with a spanner, the more you time you have for getting in the saddle. So if getting oil on your hands isn't your idea of fun, leave it to the experts.
Cycling Swindon  Mitchell Cycles
Mitchells Cycles Swindon
There is still no substitute for the vast experience of bike shops, and Mitchell are to Swindon cycling what the yellow jersey is to the Tour de France.

Established since 1968 and always with 200 bikes to choose from, if you're thinking of buying a new bike, then you really should talk to the experts first.

And if you have any concerns about safety, buying a helmet that fits properly or what accessories to choose, then shops like Mitchell Cycles are a godsend.

> Mitchell Cycles website
Cycling Swindon
  Lew Lawton
 Mobile Cycle  Mechanic
Bicycle Maintenance Lessons
Lew Lawton Bike Mechanic Swindon
If you already having a bike but it needs a service, if you have a puncture that needs mending or you just need something adjusting so it soothes your bum a little more, then you should still be thinking about calling in the experts. Now there is one who will make house calls!

Lew Lawton will fix specific problems but also offers a range of different servicing packages, from just £15.

He also gives advice about helmets, clothing, routes - and just about everything you need to know to make the most of your bike and stay safe.

> Mobile Cycle Mechanic website
Cycling Swindon  The Big Adventure Store
Big Adventure Store Swindon
Swindon has its own specialist cycling outlet, catering for serious runners, triathletes and racing cyclists.

"Run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts," it stocks a wide range of products but, more importantly, provides lots of advice on technical issues, and have a full cycle workshop at their Rivermead premises.

> The Big Adventure Store website
Cycling Swindon  Online advice

As you might expect, there is also lots of information on the internet to help you with whatever technical problems you encounter. If anything, there is too much.

Few activities are better catered for on the intenet than cycling, and if you try Googling 'cycle tips' you will be swamped with information. But when it comes to basic, easy-to-understand information about cycling, one site fits all.

Its title may suggest that the Why Cycle? website is only concerned with persuading you to take up cycling or cycle more, but it goes much deeper.

Whatever questions you have, you'll probably find the answers here - whether it is about riding with a disability, understanding gears, improving comfort or a thousand other queries.

And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can put it to seasoned cyclists in a forum.

> Why Cycle website

Try it yourself

If youíre keen to have a go at bike mechanics yourself, and youíre keen to learn, BicycleTutor will show you how. This website features 48 video tutorials for step-by-step solutions.

> BicycleTutor website
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