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Spring Cycling 

Dust off that bike! 6 Ways To Get Ready For Spring Cycling with Swindon SkyRide 
We’ve made it through winter! The days are getting warmer, longer and lighter which means one thing – more reasons to ride!
Some of the best bike riding is to be had in spring. If you’re in need of a bit of encouragement to get out again on two wheels and enjoy the great Swindon countryside, here are six sure-fire ways from the great people at SkyRide to put the spring back in your spoke...

1. Give your bike some TLC

Whether your bike’s sat unloved in the shed for months on end, or out on muddy roads and trails week in and out, it probably needs some TLC. Treat it to a clean and give it a good once over, checking your brakes, tyres and gears.

A common reason for not going out on a ride is not knowing where to go. If you don’t have a destination in mind it can be all too easy to put it off until next week. Make a plan and map a route – to a local café (take a peek at the menu and pick what you’d like to try!), to a park, or perhaps try out a new route to work. When you can visualise where you’re heading it’s much easier to get going. 
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3. Treat yourself to something new
Rekindle your love of cycling by treating yourself or your bike to something new. A cool new bag, jacket, jersey or all three! Once you have it, you’ll want to get out and show it off.
> Mitchells Cycles

4. Set yourself a target

Give yourself an aim to train! Setting personal goals makes it much easier to stay focussed. Increase your mileage over the month, sign-up to a sportive, conquer a climb or visit somewhere on your bike you’ve never been to before.

5. Be prepared, whatever the weather
Rain, hail, sun, wind or snow… The weather can be all over the place at this time of year, so be prepared for all eventualities. We recommend a good pair of gloves, arm warmers and light rain jacket, all easy to take off and put on in changing conditions.

6. Try something new
If you’re in need of a certain something to put the fun back into cycling again, why not try something new this spring? How about taking on a triathlon, having a go at cyclo-cross, or taking off on your bike for a weekend adventure?
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